The purpose of this blog is to document the development of BazaEsperanto.com at a private, college-preparatory high school in Seattle.  The site is targeted at American high school students with the goal of bringing them to a communicative level in Esperanto.

Course Description as published with registration information:
Software Development (A and F blocks) Gary Anderson

Spring trimester the software development classes will work to develop a public web site (bazaesperanto.com) for teaching the international language Esperanto targeted at high school students. As such, the course will be interdisciplinary, meaning the student will both learn the language and build web and software development skills. As a planned language, Esperanto can be learned many times faster than other languages so students will have a communicative ability in the language at the end of the term. IN the process of making the web site, students will learn HTML5, CSS3, jQuery 1.7, and develop the ability to build interactive games, insert media into web pages, and develop other tools to make the site successful. A focus will be to build “gamification” features into the site.
Any testing done in class will be to improve the software and will not be factored into the student’s grade. Grading is based on participation and completing the assigned tasks of the course. The out-of-class commitment is about 30 minutes per class period or 2 hours per week. While only interest in the topics is required, students who have studied either Software Development or Esperanto previously are welcome to take the course and will be given leadership roles in the project. Software Development meets a math/science elective requirement of which a minimum of 3 are required for graduation.


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